Shell function not working well?

I’m studying the app and doing some exercises step by step.
Please check the attached image and note that I want to apply the shell function to the object and erase the grey side.
As you can see, I obtain a fail message. What should I do?
Regards, mik

That’s most probably a bug.

If you set the thickness to 0.1mm, it should work. If you have it at 1mm, it fails.

We are just working on a fix, it will be released in a few weeks (early June).

Unfortunately it doesn’t succeed anyway. Any other advice or I’ll just have to wait for the update?
Regards, Michael

Do you have specific dimensions with this object or just created it randomly?

Also, did you create the shape using revolve or loft?

I can show you how you can create the shell if you send me some measurements so I can recreate the object.

The new release will definitely solve this issue.

Well, sometimes it succeeds, sometimes not. It actually seems to be a bug or, better, an intable functionality. Thank you anyway.