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. How can I project text on the bottom area of this bottle please?

Also when I was creating the thread for the cap I made some mistakes on the revolve. I wanted to edit the revolve by selecting the body but I could not so I had to delete it and try again Is this the only way so it is not possible to edit actions like revolve?

For the revolve, to my understanding you are not able to edit it afterwards. You will have to just redo it :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

For the project: create a construction plane in front of where you want it at a bit of a distance. Add the text you want and then project it.

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Agree with SM1 on both points.

if your text is short enough compared to the size of the bottle, you can project it directly on the cylinder.

If your text is too long, it will get badly distorted at the ends because of projecting a plane on a cylindre. If it is longer than the diameter, it will be truncated. The best solution I know is to split the text in small portions and rotate each one so they stay almost parallel to the surface.

One small trick : on my exemple, CHAMPAGNE, I split “MPA” in the center, “CHA” on the left and “GNE” on the right. The difficulty is to get the correct spacing when projected onto the cylinder. To ease the process, you can project back the M and the A from the cylinder to the construction plane or sketch holding CHA and GNE, so you can adjust CHA and GNE on their respective planes to be correctly spaced.

Not ideal, but it can do the job.
One day, we will have custom textures for that :crossed_fingers:


Thanks for all
The details
I’m still very new and haven’t seen where to write text. Like a text box for example. Where to I find that please?

I’m also wondering if I could project a design and if so what image formats do I have to use to import and how do I import please?


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For your second question:

  • “File” allows you to import a .dxf or .dwg vector file in a sketch. You can then use it to project, extrude, etc. Il also allows to import .step, .shapr.
  • “Image” allows you to import a bitmap image in a sketch and use it as a template to help creating sketches.

Have fun!

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Say. Thanks I found that now but

because by ’ I’m s to get the plane to write on as no option seems appropriate as I need say a plane tangential to the curved surface! - a

Ignore first image as I uploaded in error but could not see where t delete

Go to top view, and draw a line in front of the bottle, where you want the plane to be.
Then, select “add” “construction plane”, choose “through edge at angle”, click “next”, and set the angle to “90°”.
Then double click / tap on the plane to start sketching on it.


I get all that apart from how to set the angle to 90 degrees. I could only achieve something similar by drawing the linealready at 90 degreesto the bottle

When I go to add the text I set it at Capital height of 2mm but I get this result and I can’t even see how to edit it smaller do you have any suggestions?


Select your text and scale it !