Projection - need helllllpppp



I have a question, is there a way to do a 2d pattern and then project it on a 3d object,
for example, create a 2d sketch, suppose text, and project it on a 3d object, suppose a ring.
the text becomes the ring itself.



Yes. We’ve just released our projection tool.


I think this is not exactly what I want,
this is more like make a pattern with a template on an object.

I think I want a different thing, or maybe I don’t understand something.
suppose I have the a word ‘HELLO’, 2d closed sketch. and I want to bend it.
bend it to be a ring, or something else.

how can i do that?


We don’t have a text tool, but if you sketch the letters, then you can project them on any surface.


@enotokrot Here is a sample video I just made to show you how to use the project tool to bend letters on a curved surface.

First I created the surface I wanted to put the letters on, in this case it is a resemblance of a ring. Once I did that I sketched the letters I wanted. Then I aligned the center of where I wanted the letters to go with the surface they will be on. Then I use the project tool to place them. Then I extruded them.

I Hope this video helps some. You can also cut the text into the ring. I’ve included a screenshot with an example.


Here is a third idea for making the text a bit more prominent. There is just a very small ring that would hold the text together and keep it very visual. The possibilities are endless.


Very cool! thanks!!

Will continue to explore the SW. it’s great!!