Punching a hole on curved surface

I am recreating a small drum in miniature.

The drum consists of a central tube, then a flat disk (drum skin) and then a small circular band on top. The drum skin and circular band are repeated beneath the tube too. This circular band sits on top and bottom of the tube and fits a little bit like a telescope.

The band has a series of holes in it through which the rope/string is threaded.

I need to create a new band in 3D printing. So I need to be able to punch/extrude Small holes around the circumference EG on the curved surface.

I can do this in sketch3d because the circumference is made up of Multiple faces but I cannot find a way to do this on Shapr3d

Below is a photo of the original drum which might explain/ clarify the end result


Hi- you can create these by adding multiple construction planes to your workspace.

Here is an article about the ways you can create construction planes