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I know nothing about cad 3D or the principals behind learning it. I’ll apologise now sorry !
I need to know how disciplined I need to be with measurements? The two images on show are an example of stuff I’m reproducing copying the same model and stacking it etc… as you can see on the close up it’s not aligned as I do this by eye and free hand drag … I have a hunch that the pro’s would do this differently.
They say there is no such thing as a stupid question … so I’ll ask :+1:t2:
If when making a model that is not exactly symmetrical ie. 1000mm one side 998mm 1001mm maybe 999mm as an example. The machine knows this is not a true square. Would a 1000mm equal sided square respond faster ? Basically does symmetry respond faster when moving shapes or trying to make them live to copy ?

Have you tried moving it with the latest version? (3.4.4)

We optimized the heck out of transform, so it should be able to move even very complex models quickly.

How and where do I up date to this ?

Just open the App Store, and go to Shapr3D, and there should be an “Update” button if you haven’t yet updated automatically. If you did update already, it will say “Open”.

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Thanks I have updated :+1:t2:
Think my question is as you can see the models are not aligned perfectly.
The individual crate is top and bottom identical and 4 sides identical put together and then in UNION to reproduce.
As I have stacked these I now see the overlap and misaligned crates … is this why when I double tap to make them live to reproduce more they don’t work as before ?
If I’m honest I did rush this …
I’ve created the perfect crate and don’t want to loose this … also when using UNION I seem to have lost the ability to reproduce the sides and top and bottom Individual crates. This is preventing me to start the process again (I think )
Any help much appreciated

Have your tried using the translate tool to align them?

Yes just tried that now :thinking: no success either

You couldn’t use the translate tool or it did not give you the expected result?

Translate tool didn’t give the result I need the whole crate to move

What was wrong? If you can share the file we will look into this.

Hi Istvan
Sent a file to Daniel