Raising terrain like on an RTS


I would like to be able to pull up or push down on a flat surface to create terrain, like you would with a circle shaped curser in a world building or city building game like cities skyline or something like that. Is this possible?

Specifically I mean the “shift terrain” tool as shown in this video on YouTube.

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There are no sculpting tools like the ones in Cities:Skylines (*), but there are some, albeit a bit more complicated methods that you could use to generate terrain. Check out this post and the links in it for a few pointers: 3D mountain range - #2 by ChocolateLover

*: Cities:Skylines is a game with which I wasted way more time that I’d dare to admit, so it’s a topic close to my heart :))

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Check out https://nomadsculpt.com
Shapr3D is not a great match for this use case.