Ramp curves going inverted - Curved edge



I’m having a problem with my edges not curving out but instead are curling inward, when trying to create ramps for skatepark use. I have a project as where the curving was working for multiple shapes and surfaces but now is no longer curving the way I wish, though I select the correct edge and attempt to drag any direction to get the desired shape but no luck… :confused:

Is it the way my project is formatted? (units I’m using, plane, view etc?)
Correct shape on (left) incorrect on (right)


It’s a bit difficult to understand the problem. Perhaps if you redlined the correct way on the design with the error? And explain how you create the curved edge — with a fillet etc? I doubt that this has anything to do with format.




Hey Tommy,

Thanks for your response. I’m new to the program so still figuring things out.

I originally created my desired ramp objects by starting with square or rectangle extruded shapes. Once extruded, I select the bottom the of shape’s edge and drag until it curves correctly.

In this edited picture, yellow is the desired shape, and red is the curve that is happening. It won’t give me the option to curve how I want it like my previous shapes using the same method.

What could it be?


If you apply a fillet to an unconstrained edge, it will always be concave. To get the convex shape the edge has to be constrained by another face.

For example, generating a convex face where the bottom part of the block’s cross section becomes smaller. Drag this edge to fillet the convex shape.

You basically have to use an inside edge to get your convex curve.

Hope this helps.




Hi - yes, as Tommy mentioned, just Union the two bodies - the fillets will behave as you would expect them to be.