Complex curvature

Will you guys be adding ability to create advanced curvature where edges meet and resolve like in the example shown (see attached. example shown is from Fusion 360. I’d add additional images comparing it to

what I mean in Shapr3d, but it seems I’m not allowed to)?

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Original edge selection:

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S3D can do this:


Is the middle square extrude is smaller than the base geometry? Or are the edges tangent?

It all started with the upright portion:

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I see. Thank you for the example. Looking forward to the s3d team working out a solution where tricky tangent edges get a more seamless fillet transition (hopefully one day with curvature continuity). I guess at the moment we’ll have to be ok with a messier workaround

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Or experiment a little:


@Gelphyn genius solution. Thank you for the insight!

I there a tutorial somewhere that shows the best way to build tubular weld assemblies
In s3d
I’m trying to draw the 3d version of my oven supports made out of a stainless steel 25mm x1mm thick box section

Is it best to draw the whole thing as lines and then sweep them
Or actually draw a box section and extrude each section
A common practice approach would be helpful

Even if we start with just a frame for a cube
I can hopefully work from there

Jay Emery

Please see: