Random questions/feedback

It’s been a while since I have been here. I haven’t had to use the program too intensively the last few months but with this time indoors I am working on some projects. Here are a few requests and questions since a lot has changed over the last year…

  1. The resize arrow will still obscure the info box unless you zoom really far in. This box telling you the size needs to be able to be moved manually or the distance needs to be fixed in the program so it retains a proper distance at any scale/size

  2. When I take a screenshot with the ipad, it ALWAYS asks me if I wanna use the native screen shot maker. Sometimes I can’t as when you use the built in one things like the arrows and info boxes vanish. I would like a “Don’t show this again” option as this box gets cumbersome to click “Not now” constantly.

  3. I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to be able to get info on the distance between certain points.
    In this case, I wanted to know how many millimeters were from the flat top to the round bottom. However I couldn’t find a way to get that info. If I clicked the bottom arc, it just showed me info for that arc.

In this instance, when I clicked the one face it told me height, but if I clicked the two walls it doesn’t give me a way to tell the distance or alter it. Is the only way to tell how much distance is the info across the bottom of sketch?

  1. I’d like to talk about the new Scale tool. I would really like to see the measurements of the object update live while I scale the object. A percentage isn’t exactly intuitive and having to scale, click around to measure walls etc is kinda cumbersome. Is there plans to do that? Is it even possible?

Some of the changes over the last year have been great. I’m excited to see what the next year brings.

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Hi, thanks for taking your time to write the feedback.

For the issue where the resize arrow blocks the dimension, we already have a bug ticket created for this and it will be fixed with time.

As regards the screenshot tool info pop-up, we have recieved similar feedback and I will pass on yours as well. Hopefully they might be some tweaks around this soon.

Currently there is no meausuring/ruler tool in the app. The only way to measure the distance between solid body faces or edges will be to select the two edges/surfaces and the distance will be displayed at the bottom of the workspace.
For sketches you can select two parralel lines and the distance dimension will be displayed on the workspace.

In summary, I will forward the scale tool and all your feedback to our product team.

I appreciate it. I have one more I forgot to add.

I have noticed that all the pop up windows (snap, views, pinned layers, etc) will close with a tap but not if you go directly into a “drag”. I’d like to see any “touch event” close the windows.

More often than not, I go right into the next thing I want to do after adjusting an option, which usually involves dragging the screen or rotating the view and then nothing happens, and then I have to tap, and go back to what I was trying to do. After a while it just gets frustrating and I think it would improve workflow by allowing any touch gesture to close those windows.

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