Resize shelled walls

As you can see in this video when I try to resize this hollow box, it gives me the distance it’s moving, not the actual dimension of the box. I could be wrong but I swear it used to show the actual distances, not just the distance you were moving the wall.

Regardless, it would be nice to have a way to toggle between the two or show both at the same time. Right now I have to do math to figure out the distance needed which is not a great workflow.

I understand your video and believe that it works as it always has. If you were extending a solid body then it would show the overall distance and when extruding, the dimension will change accordingly. I don’t know how they can incorporate a toggle as you suggest. Assume your box was a hollow trapezoid and you want move one of the non parallel walls.

Although there’s an extra step, here’s a workaround that does what you want.

Yah a toggle might not be the best solution but perhaps have info at the bottom? Like when you click on two points it tells you the distance in small text at the bottom. (I wish the scale tool would do something similar like give you x, y, z dimensions) That way you can see how much distance it needs to move and also the dimensions you are altering.