Transform gizmo could be visible when zoomed in too

For small adjustments the transform gizmo is in most cases “invisible”.
I think it would not break program consistency if the gizmo would just not get out of scope when the center of the selected body gets out of scope of visibility, but stop at edges of the screen.

Or yes, maybe it would break program consistency since the center of transformation can be relocated, but you could indicate somehow that the gizmo is “floating”.

Man you’re CEO afaik, who else should know?:smiley: But there may just be a way I’ll check it. Either ways it could just be automatic, if there is a button for recentering.

Please read the linked thread, this issue has been discussed in detail there.

Yes so it’s a problem -at least for me- with aligment resolution again
[ Better align tool pls - Feature requests - Shapr3D Community],
as I think of the cases I’ve encountered this problem.