Really slow load times with high count boidies

Hello, so I have an issue with slow performance with alot of bodies in the work space. Ive been using the text feature, which I really like but I run into the issue of major slow downs. I got a mid spec surface nook 3 15 in with 16 gb of ram and dedecated graphics card. Im going to try a diffrent laptop but is anyone else getting slow downs?

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Yeah I don’t use text too much, but whenever I do it slows down a little bit. So I can imagine it being much slower if I added more.

I think it might be something to do with the text sketch adding a lot of points/lines.

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Loading time depends mostly on the CPU performance. As you get more (and more complex) bodies, the load time will increase. We are currently running projects which will improve loading times, but ultimately, more bodies will always load slower.

How many bodies are we talking about? Tons of bodies (eg. hundreds of letters) could indeed cause problems, but a dozen or so shouldn’t. It’d be great if you could (privately or publicly) share your design so that we can double-check if it’s something specific to the Windows port or a particular letter shape.

Also, another thing that we know is not efficient enough is how very complex sketches are handled – and the text tool generates such sketches. We are working on it (and hoping for a 10x improvement based on architectural plans), but in the meanwhile as a workaround you could try deleting the text sketches when you don’t need them anymore.

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