Recent upgrade March 2022

I have upgraded my Shapr3D and I’ve noticed when I select the sketch option the app freezes for up to 30 seconds. The screen goes gray and takes about ~12 seconds to bring up the options down both sides, then ungrays the screen and freezes for another ~12 seconds. This is really slowing down my work.
I’ve noticed it doesn’t take so long with simpler designs so maybe something has been added that varies the time taken depending on how many objects there are. Also, it seems to select a load of items on different layers of my design.

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Hi there,

Would it be possible for you to send a video of the issue? If the file is not confidential and if you are comfortable with it, could you please share the workspace?

Hi John,

I tried to upload a video but the forum won’t let me as I’m a new user.

First I open Shapr3D and then open the design in question. It take twenty or thirty seconds to open but that is okay - it has nearly 1000 elements.

Then I click on sketch and you can see it freeze for 20 or 30 seconds, and go grey twice. After the second time it has selected random components on the bottom side.

Both the delay and selecting random components is very annoying.

I can’t share the design publicly as it is confidential but I could send it to your privately, along with the video.

Many thanks,

Hi Murdo,

You can share the file and video with our support team and we can investigate your issue further