Rectangle Distorts when Moved

When you create a new design, go to top view, draw a rectangle with the tool, then select it a move/translate distorts the shape. This happens more often when drawing to the left of the origin, however it sometimes happens elsewhere.

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It’s because the rectangle is so tiny. It doesn’t happen when it’s scaled up or near the origin.


I have the same behavior. Looks like a bug :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

But it happens only when you are in sketching mode and you select the rectangle using the selection tool with the “all items” modifier.
For me, it is not related to the size of the rectangle, I got it with 3mm wide or 300mm wide squares.
Not related neither to snap to the grid mode.
I got it some times with horizontal translation (3mm wide square), some time with vertical translations (300mm wide square).

If you use selection tool with “edges only” or “points” as modifier in sketching mode, or if you select the rectangle from the default menu, it doesn’t happen (at least on MacOS beta 5.150.0).

So my guess is we are selecting something (hidden?) that shouldn’t be selected when using the area selection tool, which is not selected when we are specifying “edges only” or “points”.


Hi there! Thanks for reporting it, it is a but that we are aware of. It’ll be fixed in 5.150 :rocket:


I’m guessing the behaviour (bug) is different for different users.

After seeing the original post I did a few tests myself and it only happened when I sketched a rectangle of just a few millimetres and only when positioned a significant distance away from the origin.

The same rectangle didn’t skew when positioned near the origin and neither did a larger rectangle positioned away from the origin.

And as far as ‘something hidden’ goes… I tested it with a new design entirely so there was absolutely nothing else that could have been selected.

It took quite a few iterations to see this weird bug manifest itself.

I’m running a 2021 MacBook Air M1 with a meagre 8GB ram.

Hi every one. Thanks for the feedback. Knowing about it makes it easy to work around. Looking forward to version 1.150.

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