Resize Rectangle and move it with snapping to other object

In the iOS-App I like to give a Rectangle after creation another size and move it to an other Object an align it with that Object.
When I try to resize the Rectangle, only one edge changes its length, and the Rectangle isn’t one anymore.
When I move the Rectangle, it snaps on the Millimeter-Raster, even if I disabled that Option. I would like to snap it to an edge of an other Object, that I created before. And to move it, I have to zoom out to see the handle. But then I am on a coarser raster.

Hi, to resize the rectangle (length and breadth) you have to tap the dimension labels of both the length and breadth, and adjust them.
You can try snapping the rectangle to the other object using the Tangent constraint if it’s a circular/arc sketch or you can also use the Translate feature:

I still can’t resize the deselected Rectangle, because I am not able to show both dimensions again. When I click on the first edge, the dimension shows, but when I select the second edge, the angle between the edges show, but not the lenghts anymore.

But that tip (and the helpful video) with translate was great. Funny thing is, I use the app in german. And the “translate” feature was translated to german in a linguistic way. In the german version “übersetzen” is written, but that means translate from one language to another. The word “verschieben” would be better, that means translate in the geometric meaning.

Thank you for the feedback and we will correct this :slight_smile:
If the rectangle is a bit zoomed in(or large) the length dimension might be displayed within the workspace, you will have to zoom out a bit after selecting the length to see the dimension label.
Let me know if this helps.

It works now. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

One thing to look for if you aren’t seeing the dimensions: I’ve had a few times I’ve created a rectangle, say 24”x48”, but the boxes with the dimensions are displayed 50 FEET away. I’ve had to zoom out to where my sketch is barely visible before I can see the dimensions.

I think that was a bug which has been fixed.

Probably. It’s been a bit since it’s happened to me.