Remove unwanted projection

Hello I need some help. I am a student studying aeronautics engineering. I’m doing my model of the aircraft design course. I have a problem that I can’t remove the window (which is projected on the fuselage) What can I do? Thanks

You should be able to select the window, and simply delete it. Have you tried this?

Yes I have already tried this but somehow it doesn’t work.
But I found that it can be moved upward and then disappeared and my problem is solved now. Thanks for your help. Have a good day!

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If group selecting only edges, they should delete.

It appears the edges and the faces are selected, and the face can’t be deleted I believe.

I’m finding that if I’m at a point where I will be projecting a lot of edges, such as perforations or text, if I can remember it’s a good idea to duplicate the file so you can go back to it. I have a folder set up for dupes so I don’t lose track. Look forward to seeing your aircraft. I just did a project where we did some modifications on an existing set of an aircraft fuselage. The fact the design out ran the capabilities of the designer meant we were stuck solve huge problems with fitting complex pieces that whould have been built to exact specs on the bench. It was a nightmare.