Repetetion of get started screen

when i try to export my project program jumps to get started screen. also i can not sync to cloud.

Having same issue. Have been having it for a while where if I do anything outside of the window (IE use the calculator app on desktop) as soon as I click back into shaper it forces me back to Home Screen. Today is the first time it’s been doing it to me while I try to export and because it crashes so quickly it won’t export. This is infuriating.

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. Is this happening on Windows or macOS?

windows 10 pro for me

Got it. Can you please try logging out and then logging in to the app?

that fixed it forcing me back to the home screen every time I click out of the window! however it still says sync is offline

Hey @Jasonworksalot,
If the issue still persists, can you please open a support ticket by visiting the link below?