Replace Face Tool - Other Side

The tool seems to not work correctly (or as it once did) unless I select Other Side.



This is just a simple minded test to clarify my thinking after I could not get it to work on my working model and discovered the Other Side. I want to project the base on the angled roof (in parts).

Works with Other Side selected; otherwise not. I watched the latest tutorial but it seems to use an older version of the app without this option.

So, what’s going on here? And what does Other Side really mean?



Hi Tommy,

Thanks for spotting! It’s got nothing to do with the ‘Other side’ switch.

Apparently there is now a bug with Replace face tool: it only works in certain directions, but not in others :frowning:

See this video:

We’ll look into it!


Thanks Peter.

What will Other Side do? Project to Other Side of body? An example showing effect of Other Side would be appreciated.



Nope. The other side defines which part of the body to keep and which part to remove. Eg. imagine you extend a box to a sphere, there are two possible solutions.

Thanks; makes sense.