Replace face Tool

In my way of thinking, ‘Project face’ much better describes this tool. The projection is quite useful.

One of my frustrations using ‘cutting or removal’ shapes is that it leaves behind unsightly line artifacts. For example, in the following, I extruded the building sides up through a gable roof and removed the excess with a cutting shape along the roof. See the lines created.


It occurred to me to try the Replace face tool as a better solution. And it worked; well sorta… Started with this…


I projected the rectangular face of the top of the building walls onto the roof. Ta da…


Unfortunately, the tool completes when the first face was selected. It would be very useful to project onto multiple faces (a second in this case). Why not?

To make this work, I could draw half of the sketch, do the projection and then Mirror to have the job done. Unfortunately in architectural situations, designs are often non-symmetric — thus my request.

Thanks for considering this.




We don’t like the “replace face” name either, the only reason we named it like that is because everybody else is using this name (SolidWorks, Fusion360 etc.). But indeed it does not reflect very well to what the tool does.

We will investigate if it’s possible to do replace face with two faces, but I think it’s not, and it has mathematical limitations.

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Thanks for your video. Now there is a somewhat less noticeable vertical line. People always ask me what’s that line for? I have to make something up…



Istvan, Thanks for considering this.

It seems that my mother and mothers all over the world tell their young children something like, “If your friends jump off a cliff, do you have to?” I had a Slovak mother and that can’t be too far from Hungarian!

If you can present this tool for its true power, all the better.