Single face with Replace a face tool?


First of all, Shapr3D is a very amazing. Thanks for that.
I recently found something strange that happens sometimes when I want to replace a face to another face.
Here are the screenshots:

As you can see, the alignement is wrong and I must use another way to align the two faces shown on the screenshots (creation of a plan from the reference face, creation of a rectangular drawing and then, cutting the other object with the rectangular).

Thanks for your help.

Hi @Vincent, Can you please upload the workspace or send us at If you could also share a picture with us where the aligned surfaces are highlighted with different colors, that would be really helpful!

Hi Peter

Thanks for your answer.

I corrected my initial post because the issue is with replace face tool and not the align tool.
I sent by email my workspace with the issue.
Do you still need me to send you a picture with highlighted surfaces because I don’t see that when i make the operation.


Hi Vincent, thanks, I’ve received the file. Let me please answer you via email as discussing the issue publicly without any more details will look like a bad teaser :smiley: At the end, you can share the result if you feel so

As we discussed by email, the solution is to deactivate the option « over side » when using replace tool, because in my case, there were overlapping bodies. Thanks Peter!

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