[Request] New payment tier for hobbyists (2 high res exports a week, etc)

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The problem that this feature will solve:
I create a lot of models for my personal use. However the current pricing tier is quite a lot for us who maybe create a new model once ever 1-2 weeks. So we make do with other services, however I can’t help but feel there needs to be a middle ground between the free tier and the paid.

Me and a few of my buddies, would like to use Shapr3D, but the hefty price of $44NZD a month is just too much. (We shouldn’t be charged tax either) That’s over half the cost to get unlimited 1gbps/400mbps fibre.

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There is a thread on that subject already and it gives a lost of helpful information on the Shapr3D pricing policy. I don’t have time to search for the thread at the moment as I am in work, but some of the other members should be able to link to it for you later.