Reset objects back to horizontally flat and straight?

One of my objects got angled in a weird direction that I can’t seem to get perfectly paralleled vertically or horizontally with the ground. I’ve tried drawing a horizontal line under object on ground, highlighting that line, highlighting a line in my object to see the angle its at which is displayed at the bottom, and then trying to rotate it manually and typing the angle that was mentioned. After doing this, it moves a little bit but never actually to where I need it or to what I typed. When I do it again, it shows a different angle that’s closer to parallel but not what I typed…please help. I don’t want to redesign this object

Thanks in advance

To help everyone better understand the issue so as proffer helpful suggestions, please can you attach a screenshot of the design. Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

The angle is 2.278 degrees off and if I adjust it manually by typing 2.278 it still is off and gives me a different number. I need an easy way to get these to snap back to a parallel position. Is there a way??

Thanks for your time

Have you Exited/Closed Shapr3D as defined by Apple? Powering Off and then Restarting the iPad has a similar effect.

Then Open Shapr3D again and retry changing the angle again. No guarantee of success but at no real cost worth a try?

I have used this to resolve a few glitches. With Computers it is one of the first tricks to try, it is not the first thing that comes to mind when using an iPad.

I experienced a similar malaise with a Design, never considered a new Device could behave badly, and resolved the matter by trashing and recreating.

Hi Dhiggs12,

Quick question- can you confirm that the highlighted edge on the object and the highlighted line on the plane are on the same vertical (invisible) plane? In other words, if you look at your object from above, are the two lines parallel? If not then your measured angle of 2.278° while correct relative to each other but not necessarily relative to true vertical. Then it would be compound angle.


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I love how nobody responded. This issue has been bugging me for weeks as I cannot figure out how to level ANYTHING out let alone get it flat on the grid/plane. I’m lost

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There are 3 responses to the original post.

The Align tool works. Let me know if you need a visual demo.

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I’d love one. Because unless I’m missing something, I cannot align an object to the gray grid…

False @McD there are two response “answers”. One was confusing to read and the other was restarting the iPad…


Well Mike, you are a legend. I shouldn’t have to “hack” my way into leveling an object but hey it works! Lol

Thanks a lot, that helps