Levelling model for 3d printing

Hi all, Im new to 3d printing so forgive the bad question. Ive designed ‘yet another spool holder’ for my 3d printer but I’ve done something wrong and when I export the STL file and put it into the slicer programme, the model is sitting a fraction of a degree off which means its not sitting level on the bed of the printer which leads to print issues.

Is there a feature within shapr3d that levels the model on the X axis so I don’t have to fiddle with fractions of a degree rotation in the slicer programme?

Any help appreciated.

Did you design it in Shapr3D? If so, select the model & do a manual rotation using the transform tool. If it helps, you could create a large shape on the x-axis to serve as a base and use it to guide your fine-tuning.

Thanks Rob. Yes, I fully designed it in Shapr3D. The issue with using the manual rotation is that I am still a fraction of a degree out by eyeballing it. How do I know when it’s completely level?

Sorry, missed the line around creating a larger sketch to base against, apologies… I’ll give that a go but maybe this is something that you might want to add to your roadmap for us newbies :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

If you know the angle, there is a numeric input box on the angle rotation. Click the box to enter a precise angle.

If you don’t know the angle then trial, error and correction. Might want to try with a simple figure like a block to determine the precise angle.



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Yes, there’s “something” on the roadmap which will be able to solve this in the future pretty easily.

What Slicer program are you using?

Hi Robwhi, Im using Slic3r. I know that Slic3r should autolevel the model but it was a multiple part model so splitting it to enable autolevelling would have misaligned the model.

Thanks for the help all. Creating a new level shape and zooming in a lot helped levelling in Shapr3D. Fiddly but it worked.

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I break the parts and arrange them for the best outcome . it is pretty important if you are using a material
that warps a lot to position them correctly. I was never a fan of slic3r but that was a long time ago

Have you tried simplify3d it isn pretty good.

I mainly use proprietary software these days but still use Simplify3D for some of our printers

I am using Simplify3D which has a function to align a face of the model with the ‘floor’ of the printer. I think it’s best to keep design functions in Shapr3D and print functions in the slicer programs of your choice.

Hi all,
I used slic3r at the beginning for 2 years, it is a very complete program with many options, I have tried many and finally I have also opted to use simplify3D along with slic3r, I really like simplify3D for the simplicity and configuration of the parameters.

a greeting

I cringe at the response because there must be a better way to perform this function. An automatic setting/ option needs to be designed into Shapr3D. In my slicer app simplify 3D, I had a very very very… hard time getting my part level. The only way I could level my part was to sink it into the simulated bed of Simplify3D about a few layer. This is nuts. We should not have to wast many hours, Eye Balling the part to level it in these apps. There has got to be a much easier way! Please developers, Please.

Hi, most slicers have a feature to place a selected surface onto the bed. As I see, Simplif3D also has it, is something wrong with this tool?

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