Reset to horizontal

My project has gotten skewed a little. I would like to reset its position so that it is back to actual horizontal on print bed. I have tried transform tool. But the angle that it is off is very small and hard to manage. I tried to draw a Line on actual X axis, choose an edge on object and then use the parallel feature. But trying to make a line and an edge of an object be parallel doesn’t seem to work.

Hello Leroy, to better understand the issue, please upload screen recording showing what the issue is and sort of also showing what you will like to achieve. Thanks.

I am just a user, so i might have missed something, but have you tried entering the rotation angle directly by rotating the model some and then tapping on the angle value with the stylus and entering the rotation value numerically (instead of just dragging)? That has saved me a lot of frustration.

Long piece. One side is elevated slightly. Tried to use transform and angle, but have to put anchor point on end that is lower and far end is out of view. image image image

Hi Leroy,

Try this. Zoom in to the corner that is a bit elevated. Draw a horizontal line below the bottom edge but not too close to the body. Select the line and select the bottom edge that is a bit askew. The bottom of the screen will show that angle relative to Horizontal. Now select the body, put the anchor point where it needs to be, rotate the body a few degrees then manually change the angle to match the number that was on the bottom of the screen.


Thanks, Mike