Reshaping a 3D triangle

I have come over from another 3D program and there are two commonly-used things that I can’t do with Shapr3D that I really really want to do… I’m using the iPad version. Please help!

1 - select a group of things by dragging the pencil around them (I know this can be done by double tapping on all of the items, but with dozens of objects, edges, etc, it gets very tedious. I’d rather just “circle” to select the whole group and delete.)

2 - reshape a triangle (3D) by just grabbing a corner and pulling it up/down/over, etc. without the rest of the triangle moving. For example, I’m trying to design the roof of a house and the peak goes up maybe 5 feet above the top of the wall. But, let’s say I want to pull the peak of the roof straight up so that there would be a steeper roof angle (or maybe squish it down or move it just a bit to one side, etc). If I select just the top edge, then Shapr3d just does a champfer/fillet. Basically I don’t want a chamfer, I just want the object to stretch to where I decide that edge should go, but the base of the object to stay where it is. I’ve tried a million ways to do this, but can’t figure it out.

I’ve searched and tried to find the answer to this, but couldn’t. Thanks.

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Welcome to the community. There are many folks on here who may have better answers but I’ll take a crack at it.

  1. The advance selection tool is currently available to everyone who uses the keyboard and mouse interface. It’s been promised “soon” and “very soon” for the pencil. :crossed_fingers:t4:

  2. Try selecting just the edges of the 3D triangle and moving them. S3D defaults to chamfer when an edge is selected so you have choose the Move tool manually.

Hope this helps.


Thanks @realdrogo but I’m afraid your suggestion for #2 does not work. I tried as many ways as I could imagine. Perhaps I can ask another way: if you had a 3d triangle that was too tall, how would you squish the peak down to make it shorter, but without changing the base at all?

Have you tried this?

That doesn’t do what I’m trying to do. In your example, you are moving one of the faces. Imagine if your triangle were sitting upright, like the peaked roof of a simple house, and you wanted to move the peak to a new place.

I just want to grab the peak of a triangle and move it - freehand - to a new spot - up, down, over, whatever. And for the rest of the triangle (the base) to stick to where it is. it’s a very simple operation in other apps, but yet when I try the logical thing here (select just the top ridge and move it), I get a chamfer. I’m trying to design the roof of a house and I simply want to see what it looks like if the peak were higher, or lower, or over a bit, etc. Thanks!

I understand what you are saying. The method you want to use cannot be done at this time. I suppose that is one of the differences between Shapr3D being a ‘direct modeler’ and other parametric based CAD apps. And you can probably see that there needs to be a different workflow here to achieve your desired result. Good luck.

@Pixelshot what about this?

Grab the peak edge and use the move tool.

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Nice example. This is what I was trying to describe. @Pixelshot does this do what you need?

That’s it EXACTLY! I didn’t know that capability existed.

Thanks @NathanD!