Resizing after extruding?

Is it possible to scale an item after extruding it? I need to do some trial and error with my designs. After drawing, I need to 3D print them so they need to be extruded but I am finding that even when I have scaled the drawing to the correct size using a rectangle before extruding, when I print them they aren’t always the right size.

This means I need to make adjustments but after extruding I’ve added holes etc and I don’t want to have to step all the way back to the original drawing to resize and adjust the shape.

Currently, you can scale the body, but all axis expand uniformly. There isn’t a way to scale a single axis…yet.

So I’m thinking I’ll at least have to remove my holes before scaling since I don’t want those to increase in size.

I need to get in there and play around. I hope I can make other slight adjustments to individuals sides without scaling the whole thing.