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Hey all. I just made a model that I’m going to mill in my cnc router. I’ve noticed that some of my paths are thinner than my smallest bit. What I’m going to do is scale the model until my narrowest area will allow for my smallest bit. Every time I try and scale the model it only scales one face. How do I grab everything I’ve done and scale from there? Thanks for your time.

Hello! Please double-tap/double-click on the body to select it. Clicking/tapping once on an edge/face will select only the highlighted element.

That’s exactly right! Thanks a bunch. Now I realized I was looking for the wrong goal. I don’t want to scale the body, I just want to change the x and y dimension. Scale was changing my z axis. Duh on me. Is there a way to join all sketches on a project and increase size only along x and y axis? Thanks a ton.

I’ve also got a ton of sketches on my body

Sketches and bodies are independent of each other, feel free to remove the unnecessary sketch elements. However non-uniform scaling is not an option at this time, if you select the faces you wish to move and apply Move/Rotate tool on them, it is possible to stretch the model along a single direction.

Why do so many people ask for more irregular scaling? That’s because not all objects are similar to cubes or cubes, which can be solved by stretching the model in one direction with existing transformation tools. For example, suppose I spent a long time making a football, and it may be more appropriate to wait until I finish it is done. At this time, the irregular zoom function is urgently needed. Otherwise, it can only be deleted and redoed!

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The non-uniform scaling is far more important than expected!

Yeah…I can’t seem to u-load my file as I’m a new user. I was going to show how simple the problem is but I have to wait until I’m approved to upload the work. Bummer.

Well apparently I can upload files now. All I’m trying to do is to increase this body and the sketches on it. Currently it’s 17” x 16”. I just want to double the 17 and the 16 and leave my stock .75as you can see there are multi-or sketches that haven’t been extruded yet. I’d like those to scale as well. Is this possible? Thanks

Duplicate for male.shapr (793.0 KB)

Will you take a look at the file I attached to my latest post? I also totally understand what you’re saying about stretching faces. Once I stretch the body that way would I then need to go select all my sketches and scale them up? Thanks

Why is this so important? Can you imagine how complicated non-uniform scaling could be, in direct modeling? Round holes, square holes, etc., would all become distorted.

Are you saying non uniform scaling in two directions would be a bad thing? I think it would be awesome. One direction like you’re saying would be strange. For sure I can imagine distortion and messes. But if you scaled something in two directions because your physical world stock was a set thickness, couldn’t you go back to holes and reestablish them in their proper widths and symmetry ?

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Not a bad thing, but think about what we are asking. Let’s say you have an object with features, holes, chamfers, filets, etc. When to stretch along the X axis for example, what would you expect would happen to those features? A round hole will no longer be round. A chamfer will be distorted. I don’t think everyone is comprehending the impact. For a simple shape, it would be fine. But for a complex body, containing features within the body, I wouldn’t want to experiment with the potential of losing key parametrics of those features. It’s a nice ask, I just don’t see it as very feasible.

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Yeah. I’m totally with you. I’m just at a point where it’s sketches only. Nothing else. It would be nice at this point.

I have never used CAD before. There are so many instructions and so many courses to learn. What a irrationality! How intimidating! The emergence of Shapr3D has subverted all this. And people can’t put it down! Its emergence has doubled the pressure on traditional CAD and 3D modeling software, and the competition is always there. Only by understanding the needs of the market and continuous improvement can it become the first choice for users, because if it does not change, it means being eliminated by the market. The good news is that the non-uniform zoom function may be launched next quarter. Nothing is impossible!

Hey, thanks for sharing the file!

In this situation, direct modeling and the 2D nature of sketches have proven to be quite handy! The body is a simple cubic shape, it can be stretched by moving the faces and applying some transformation tools. The sketch in the meantime can be scaled with the Scale tool. As it is a 2D object, it will not be scaled along a third dimension :slight_smile:

Thanks so much. I’ll get around to this today. Right now I’m too busy trying to explain to children why parks suck when they’re wet! Thanks again Peter. I also have one more question. If you have a body that’s 3 inches thick with a one inch extrusion into it, what’s the easiest way of checking extrusion depth and can you alter extrusions in comparison to the face it’s cut from? I mean a measurement of depth and in turn adjustment . Thanks a bunch

Hey Peter. I just gave that video a watch…mine didn’t do nothing. It just sat there. Is it supposed to have action? Thanks

Nope. It’s moving now. Thanks a ton.