Placing and resizing a cuboid

I am new to Shapr3D.

How do I bring up the dimension of a side of a cuboid so that I can specify an exact dimension ?

How do I place a body to an specific position say 3cm from the x axis ?


Hi, welcome to Shapr3D!
Shapr3D is a direct modeling software, if you wish to modify one of the bodies in your workspace, you just have to select the faces and move them. As you can see in the video below, there is no connection between the sketch and the model itself.
To place your models precisely, you can create the sketches in place or you can use the Align tool with some reference sketches

I hope it help you in your first steps :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanation. So to resize I need to click on the surface perpendicular to the edge I want to resize.

If I have an array of similar bodies, how do I resize them all at once ?

Because of direct modeling, there is no connection between the arrayed bodies. If you edit the parent part frequently, I would advise creating a sketch just for the array. This way you will have less work to do with the array if the parent should be modified

Noted and thanks.

You can, however, select multiple objects at the same time, so if your “array” is not too large, just select them all and then apply the “offset”, “scale”, etc. Depending on the desired change, select the whole object, or face, edge, etc.

It is often helpful to group similar objects in the “Items” display to make it easier to selectively view / select desired objects.