Reversing hole

I have an item that is extruded 1.5 mm I need to put a circle that is sunk into my item by 1mm (not a full hole). In order to test whether the placement was correct I turned it into a hole and printed the item on my 3-D printer. Now that I have verified that the placement is correct I need to reverse the extrusion so that it’s not a complete hole. It won’t let me do that. How can I fix this without re-creating the entire item? I need it to look like the second picture.

Try touching the sides of the hole, and delete it. You may want to create a plane above it first, and project the hole’s outline onto that plane, so you maintain the location. You can then re-extrude the sketch to the depth you want.

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I don’t think you need to even project the edge to a plane. Deleting the wall should leave the hole’s edge on the face of the object as a sketch.

You may be correct. I’ve experienced both. That’s why I say you might want to.

Here’s what you can do if I understand your situation. First, plug the hole. I extruded a rectangular plug through the body and made it a union to the body. Then use Replace Face to clean front and back surfaces. Then create new cylinder part way down. Use Replace face to bring it to the surface. Then move the cylinder 1mm down and do a subtract.

Even if this isn’t your current problem, perhaps there are elements here that can help.


Thank you for your help. I ended up deleting the body and then I was able to extrude it again.