Working with a hole.. to put a bottom on it

Hi all again…

So things are progressing nicely. I’m really enjoying this app quite a bit! What I’m stuck with right now is that I’ve got a hole in a piece that I’m toying with and created it with just the sketch plane visible… The part will have some partially extruded squares in it… So, I created the squares in the sketch plane, but when I extrude the overall object those squares automatically become entire holes through the part. I understand why its doing that, but what I want to know is how to partially fill them again… For instance if the overall part is 2mm thick, I want the squares to have a bottom on them that is perhaps .4mm thick or something along those lines.

Thanks for any direction on this…

Hello, here is a short video:

  1. Hide your body in Items
  2. You will notice that the sketch filling (blue) is visible again (when there is a hole in a body, we hide the sketches)
  3. Extrude the smaller rectangle.
  4. Unhide your body
  5. Union them
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Thanks Daniel… I’ll give it a shot a bit later today. Thanks so much for your prompt help!

Just a quick follow up… All worked perfectly well…! I’ll try printing it later today once my other print is complete, but I expect zero issues… Thanks again Daniel

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