Revolved helix + Swept curve

I’m using Revolve tool and Sweep tool to connect two items on one face.

I expected to have a perfect and smooth curve on that point but there is some angular when I see it from some angle (you may see it from the image I’ve attached - The red circle area).

I’m wondering if there are some ways to create a perfect and smooth curve no matter which angles I see it. Does anyone have any ideas about this?

By the way, the yellow part is revolved and gray one is swept in the image.
The object next to those is the sketch before I use tools.

Hi @jabriera Welcome to the Forum :sunglasses:

You may find something useful within this:

Just below this there is a .shapr File.
You may be able to determine what was done at the problem junction.

Perhaps you could do something similar with a temporary surface that you could Tools > Project onto and then Sweep along the resulting curve?

If you need more help please shout.

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Our in-house designer @CadTamas showed a workaround on how to go about this in the screenshot below:

I hope this is helpful!

Looks beautiful.
It got a lot of info and so I’ll look them through first.

The way in your video seems like the approach I wanted. Thank you!

But when I tried to follow the video, I can’t go through the sweeping part at the end. I guess I’m not following the adjustment of edge (1:37 - 2:00) very well and that’s why there are some difficulties in the sweeping part. When you input a number in fillet (1:49), Are there any rules or did you just input random number? Could I have a little bit more detail about it, please?

Hi, you can use the arrow to apply the fillet depending on your design as when you input out of range numbers the app gives an error message.
There is no general rule, the extent of fillet/chamfer you can apply depends on the nature of the joint or edge


I believe that revolved bodies will have distorted ends. Here is one way to achieve a smooth curve. The initial body can be done by Revolve (less that 360° and zero distance) or with a Sweep.

Regards, Mike


I could’ve created swept curves with your video, but I’ve faced another issue with the curves. Once I try to join 2 curves together like attached images, the joint is misaligned, do yo have any idea to join those smoothly?

If Shapr could bite the bullet and use 3D splines this problem would go away. The math is simple enough in 3D but of course that doesn’t mean it’d be easy to plug in.