Wardrobes / Cabinet making

Wardrobe making process…. What is your approach?

For me, I’ve been learning bit by bit over the past year whilst working full time a a fitted furniture maker.

  1. Initially I drew up each panel and then aligned them in the specific orientation to create a wardrobe

  2. then i learnt about the shell function and would simply create a cube, use the shell function to replicate the panel thickness etc.

  3. To get the measurements of each part I would then click each edge and write these measurements into a free online app call CutList optimiser

  4. now Im starting to learn about using a CNC machine and getting to grips with exporting files to Alphacam.

  5. took a look back at the Blum Cabinet configurator this morning, and managed to import my cabinets from Blum into shapr3d. Now I have a 3d model with all specific hardware etc, i can align these individual cabinets and reposition in the floor plans of the room ( to show clients).

  6. I now have the 2d sketches of the cabinet perfectly layered on shapr3d, imported from Blum, and the 3d version, and will soon head back to the workshop to see how well Blum exports the files directly to Alphacam software for cnc.

  7. Blum cabinet configurator will obviously to limited to the programmed presets, but by importing into shapr3d I can now manipulate of needed. Feels like a huge step up since figuring this out this morning.

My instagram is Markmadework where you can see some of the stuff Ive built and some of the drawings I make. Nothing fancy.