Rotate an object on the screen with one finger

Hi everyone,

When I rotate an object on the screen with one finger in order to position it well for a screenshot, I don’t seem to be able to rotate it about the vertical axis. For example, starting in the top view, I cannot rotate it about the y axis so that it stays put with respect to rotation about the x and z axes.

Is there a way to do it?


Hi John, thanks for the feedback.
To make a complete 3d rotation about all axis we usually recommend switching the view back to 3d view by double tapping on the view cube with a finger.

Oh, wait! So, this behavior is modal? Double tapping the view cube with a finger made it behave as I expected. But what did I do to get it into that mode that was preventing view rotation about the y-axis? And was there a visual cue to show it?