Rotating parts in windows

is there chance of making the "shift+RMB going to just the RMS in the near future for rotating the parts.

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Absolutely. We are working on the customizability of the navigation shortcuts as we speak, we hope to add it to a release soon.


Until then we will have the Align tool only. I understand that it’s not convenient when you have subassemblies. That’s something that we could improve, however it won’t be ready by February.

Hey Pascal,
Sorry if you explained this earlier, but how are these two requirements contradict to each other?

A revision of view navigation shortcuts/gestures is in the works as Peter mentioned, thanks for your patience.

Got it, thanks for elaborating. You would like to get rid of keyboard modifier keys altogether. For navigation, this is something we are working on, doesn’t seem like an issue, I also think that would be the right path forward.

For additive selection though, SHIFT is the norm and expectation for a keyboard+mouse/trackpad based workflow. The only two notable exception are Onshape and NX, all the rest needs you to use modifier keys for additive/subtractive selection. I don’t think we are going to change this. On the other hand, you could still use a stylus, as for it we will stick to non-SHIFT selection, as you are already happy with it.

Btw, all SpaceMouse (except for the cheapest ones) also have a dedicated SHIFT hardware key, which you could use while resting your hand on the cap.

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What I was wondering, is it really this simple to create the best workflow for Shapr users on both iPad+desktop? Is using the same shortcuts/gestures, and mostly similar UI enough, or could we do more to bridge your workflow between the two platforms? Sync pops into my mind as an obvious improvement, but what else?

I’m not sure how you make a 100% consistent experience when one platform has a keyboard and mouse and the other only has a stylus or finger input (not everybody has an iPad keyboard). I would find it extremely annoying if I had to bring up a virtual keyboard on my iPad to perform an action that I can currently accomplish by tapping with my Apple Pencil, something I’m already holding.

what’s most important here is to NOT make any assumptions about a users preferred workflow. open the ui and tools/functions up to as much customization as possible