Rounded corners tool for 2D sketching

The problem that this feature will solve:

Currently, in Shapr3D, there isn’t a straightforward intuitive way to create rounded corners for sketches, which is an essential design element in many industries. Currently, users have to manually construct rounded edges by piecing together arcs and lines in sketches, or rounding edges after extrusion which can be a tedious process and is prone to minor inconsistencies, especially when replicating across multiple edges or objects. By having a rounded corner tool similar to Adobe’s, it would significantly streamline the sketch creation process.


Brief description of the outcomes that you expect from this feature:

With the introduction of a rounded corner tool, I anticipate the following outcomes:

  1. Faster sketch creation process, allowing users to intuitively round corners
  2. Precise control over the radius of the rounded corner, enabling more consistent and professional designs.
  3. Enhanced flexibility in design ideation, where users can quickly switch between sharp and rounded corners to compare aesthetics or functionality.
  4. Streamlined user experience, aligning Shapr3D’s interface with industry standards.

What can’t you achieve without this feature?

Without a rounded corner tool:

  1. The process becomes slower and less efficient, requiring more steps to achieve a simple design element.
  2. There’s potential for inconsistent designs due to manual rounding methods.
  3. For those transitioning from other software that has this feature, there’s a steeper learning curve.

In essence, while it’s not a complete workflow blocker, it does add unnecessary friction and inefficiency to the design process, potentially slowing down project timelines.


On the roadmap, coming in the next few months. We are adding a lot of features to sketching in the coming months.


I’m so excited to hear this!

Hi Istvan, is there a chance to get 3D sketching? Best regards

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