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I’m a fabricator looking for a simple cad programme to sketch 2D drawings for laser cutting profiles. Some can be complex with pcd’s ect. Radius corners ect. Could you add a corner radius function? Do you have any plans for a sheet metal friendly option/function. So I could easily produce 3D models of folded parts as well. Do you think with some practice this could be the app for me. I have played with the free version and I’m impressed so far. Just concerned with the dimensioning. I need the pro version to try the proper 2D sketching for production drawings. I have watched a few tutorials and I’m impressed with what you have done achieved with this app. Just want to make sure this will fit my needs. Thanks.

Welcome to the Forum.
This is just one way to form a Corner Radius:

Sketch has been updated recently and some of us are still on a new learning curve.
The Line in the Circle was to set a Point on the Circle so that it could be positioned precisely.
Use a Double Tap to select this Point.
Sketch > Trim > remove unwanted segments > to avoid unwanted Trimming tap on another tool when you have completed your needs.

Happy S3Ding :sunglasses:

Hi Jon - welcome to the forum.

radius corner makes sense - you can do it in 3D (this is a method we prefer due to capabilities of direct modeling) - but will take this into account.

drawings: You can project your bodies / faces / edges to create 2D drawings of your shapes. We just had a webinar on furniture design, where our educator spoke about this workflow briefly. Here is the video:

sheet metal: This is not currently in our plans

Thank you for the reply. Thank you for the honesty appreciated. I have had some help with the corner rad. I’m new to cad drawing and teaching myself. This seems a great app and there is plenty of support for people like me. I have a lot to learn I’m sure I will get there. Thanks

Thank you for the help. I’m a total beginner. Sorry for the stupid question. I had tried the circle thing but like that and found it a bit fiddly. Thanks for the advice, always easy when you know how.

Thanks for your reply, I do not think that the question you asked was in any way ‘stupid’.
I well remember my expectations when fist using the Apple Pencil and the inability to get the results expected.
My MO was to get as much practice in Sketching as possible, actively looking for Projects that needed a lot of Sketching Input.
Experimenting with Pencil Pressure proved to be important for me, a lighter more confident hand [built up with plenty of practice] improved speed and accuracy.
Perhaps experimenting with Tools > Shell and Tools > Sweep could prove useful for some of your Sheet Metal requirements?
S3D is capable of many things. My problem is remembering how to replicate everything learned, and keeping up with the fast rate of Development. All great fun :sunglasses:

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@Gelphyn’s method relies on the grid, which is great when you are more comfortable with the app. To make it less fiddly you can also use the Tangent constraint. Here’s a video: