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Hi there,
I am new to this forum, this being my first appearance as a Shapr3D user.
The video shows the making of a non tapered thread.
It lacks the possibility to accurately set the defined number of threads per inch (TPI) making the tread more for show.
I have tried more or less successfully to produce an inner thread 1/2”.
A 1/2” thread has 13 or 14 treads an inch normally depending on the kind of thread used. I used the following numbers to get to my result,
Angle 4680, height 25.4.
The NPT, tapered thread is a feature I would suggest to implement.
But taking in to consideration that Shapr3D is not a full featured CAD program, I’ll take what is available as features.
Added the final result,
Thank you, Carel.


I am now also developing a portable beverage mug on Shapr3d, and it is the first product I decide to develop it on this platform,I want to say your issue is also the only problem I come across during my design,maybe I will export it,and build it on Creo or sth.

Hi one,

Do you need a tapered thread? You can do it with a straight thread I think :thinking:?

Good luck with your design.


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Hi Carel,
I do not need a tapered thread,
I need a standard ISO thread,
but I still did not figure out how to do.:grin:


I can help you out with that, at least to get started, I will make some samples to explain the how to.

Try to find the ISO tables that show the thread measurements, that if you want to be accurate.

Give me a day and I will send the samples with the explanations.

Regards Carel.


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Thanks for your agreeable,In the first I did not know it could,
After your hit I search the manual, and figure out the method, but thank you all the same