Can Shapr3D draw threads

So I’m getting some work-arounds to get some functionality out of shapr3d but seem to hitting a snag with threads. On CAD you can draw threads pretty easy. I know this isn’t CAD, but I would think it should be able to draw threads…right? Like you draw a line, like a bore hole of .345 and then ask shapr3d to thread that hole at 40 threads per inch, and it has the know-how to do it, even if it’s just info that goes to CNC and maybe does not even look like threads on the screen. ‘

Is that possible? Or is sending to CNC with thread info just way beyond what shapr3d can do?

Searching this forum there seems to have been talk about a threading feature back in 2017. Did that ever happen? Is there a manual that has this kind of info, or is the forum the substitute for a written manual?

Yes and no-ish. You can rather easily create custom threads using revolve. Also you can import models of bolt and nuts from McMaster Carr etc. and add/subtract them easily. Search the forums for this topic and see what others have done.

I would think that McMaster care might have models for standard threads like bolts etc, but need threads on whacky diameters, like .735x36 TPI, never any kind of standard thread size. Custom parts that screw together . Usually very fine threads on large diameters. I’m guessing that is way over the apps head. And then there would be the question of what info actually gets included in a DXF file.