Save camera position in visualisation mode

The problem that this feature will solve:

When taking captures in the visualisation mode, you have to set the camera positional manually each time. When trying to recreate product variations (like colour), it’s hard to get the camera in the same position again if you need to make an alteration or add a new colour, you have to try get the position you had previously and take new screenshots for each colour again which is time consuming.

Brief description of the outcomes that you expect from this feature:

In the “Camera” tab of visualisation allow the user to “Save Camera”, including focus / aperture / blur parameters as well camera position.

Clicking on a saved camera position will move camera to location / rotation and set parameters.

What can’t you achieve without this feature?

Product images showing just the colour / materials changing, without having the product shift as the camera has moved between captures.


Hey – thanks for the detailed suggestion! Saved views (both in visualization and within modeling) is something that’s on our mid-term backlog, though I can’t commit to a release timeline right now.


When implementing this, please consider allowing us to tag one of those views as the persistent choice we want for the file’s thumbnail. Saved views should also save the current object visibility state so you can save views featuring the whole project, or just parts of the project, etc etc.

The visualisation view tagged for the thumbnail should render and update that view upon exit, to create the thumbnail, regardless of where we have haphazardly left our design while we’re working on it.

I hope this makes sense.

Obviously this is a non-essential sort of feature, but if you’re already planning “views”, assigning one for the thumbnail would be fantastic.

Thanks for your hard work!


Yes please! And if even 1 saved view could be used in the Technical Drawing output, that would very helpful too.
“Locking off” the camera and merging multiple 2D outputs in Photoshop is essential to my workflow. The trick is that if I need to change the model at all, I need to start over.