Visualization views fine editing and library

The problem that this feature will solve:

When we go into visualization mode, we can turn the camera and stick to standard views, CTRL+1 being the only one which is not facing a face.
The problem comes when I want to make a capture to include it on my website’s virtual showroom. I’d like to have consistency over the way all the pieces I propose are shown. Mouse is not precise enough, so I cannot replicate the same view each time, and we do not have any information of the angle along the XYZ axis… Only solution would be to stick to CTRL+1 view and turn the model around…

Brief description of the outcomes that you expect from this feature:

I would enjoy being able to :

  1. edit the view finely : XYZ angle, zoom level, possibly some tool to target the center of the view (which point the viewer is looking at)
  2. save these views coordinates to some library to be able to recover them over all our designs and, say, being able to present several pieces of same average size with the exact same angle, and thus getting consistency over a virtual showroom.

What can’t you achieve without this feature?

For now, I can’t think of using the visualization-capture tool in a manner which will allow me consistency over the pieces I show. I would have to make a lot of time-consuming steps (moving the piece, rotating it… for each single capture I want to make)

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Just wanted to know if that feature request is something we could be hoping someday soon, or if I should look for an external rendering engine process to get standardized views for now?

Thanks for any reply


Saving views isn’t on our short term roadmap at the moment, however we do plan to add this capability at a later point.

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Thanks for your answer :wink:

Soon please.
Cheers Jon.