Scale model to specified dimension


Somewhat new to Shapr3D and so far has been amazing + intuitive to pick up. Keep running into this problem with scaling though and haven’t been able to figure it out.

Made up example…
I would like to take a model (including all its various parts) that is 4"L x 5"W x 10"H and scale proportionally to 12.625" tall.

How would I do this?

Right now the only way I can figure is by manually calculating the percentage difference and plugging into the scale tool. Which seems odd. I know it’s not the most complicated thing to calculate but it is kind of a pain and really slows things down. Am I missing something?

Appreciate the help!


I have the same question and didn’t find an answer. It seems odd to me, that while constructing things the only option I have is to relatively scale my objects.

This seems pretty easy and obvious, since it’s already available for specific shapes like lines or rectangles - if you select them, you have the option to enter values for length or width.

It would be great to have this for multiple selections as well. Every slicer offers this option to scale the complete object to a specific size, so it seems not really a big deal to implement.

Here’s how. I used the dimensions as noted in @Wally 's original post.


Thanks @TigerMike Yes, currently that seems to be the only way to do it. I guess I was just hoping there was a way to skip the extra input, or external calculating and just type in the target dimension needed. :upside_down_face: (hopefully a future update!)

Where I find this get’s tricky/cumbersome is when I have a group of objects/parts where furthest points of the group aren’t parallel or it’s harder to determine what the furthest boundary points of group are. Short of making a a new object that is the length of that boundary area, I’d have no way to input a new scale for the group. (to be honest I’m not sure how to measure this in Shaper3D even.) See quick example attached w/ some random forms.