Shapr3d Scale


I am trying to scale my 3d body to 1 foot. But when ever I hit scale I get a percent. How do I scale in feet or inches?

Thank you

I have been wanting Scale to do this as well, to be able to scale a selection relative to a measurement.
Currently it’s just a percentage slider that you have to play with (or calculate the difference and enter the percentage) to get the result you want.

Unless I’m missing something as well…

It is pretty easy to match your model to a known reference. Just create a line that is the length of your desired size in the drawing. In your case, 1 foot (12 inches). Then select your object and just move the scale slider until your model size matches the line. When you are satisfied, you can delete the now unnecessary extra line.

Take a look at the webinar on the “Discover” page called “Floor plans and Interior Design”. It shows how in the first few minutes.

100+(100x(change rate)-100)