Screenshot with dimensions?

I do wood working and though I know I can’t get a cut list from shapr3d, what would be awesome is if I can take a screenshot from each angle and include the dimensions of every line.

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For sketches, you lock in the dimensions and then take screenshots from different angles using the iPad screenshot feature. To lock in a sketch dimension, tap on the dimension label and then tap on the lock icon on the Numpad.

For bodies, a rough workaround can be to take screenshots from different angles and then use the markup feature to indicate the dimensions as shown in the attached images

@Victor_Shapr3D or you could just project a sketch from the solid, add dimensions, then take a screenshot.

This is an option too depending what works best for the particular situation :slight_smile:

Could it be a layer type you could turn on and off?

What I’m looking for is a screen shot that shows all dimensions. SImilar to this

You can add dimensions but it requires extra effort.
The extra effort requires careful positioning of Lines capable of generating Dimensions:

This is better explained here:

Dimensions for 2D Sketches are reasonable but require a lot of input compared to the manner they are provided in many packages.

The stumbling block for workaround Dimension need to occupy one Plane on a Design View.
Additional Dimensions will require a separate View, e.g., on the Adirondack Chair, using the same 3D position, but with the Side Dimensions on one Plane and a second similar view with the Width Dimensions on another Plane.

Hi, you can then try using the markup tool to indicate the dimensions for the side of the design.

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Imported as an Image it could be hidden in Items


No need to take a ScreenShot just Offset the Plane capturing the Projection.