Secondary options on left-hand touch

New to the program, so feel free to chastise me if I’m missing something!

Really impressed, looking forward to learning more. Interface is very well conceived, however as a rhino user, I’m missing shortcuts. To be fair, I’m a fan of having as many commands (ideally customizable) as possible available to me, but I feel like there is a missed opportunity in using the second hand (non-pencil) as a single touch/hold alter command for any given tool.

For instance, in Graphic you are able to drag a shapes corner, and while holding an additional finger anywhere on the screen you can maintain scale. I see many ways that this could be utilized as an altering condition for a number of tools in Shapr3D. For instance, dragging a line length to a specific distance, using the secondary hand finger touch/hold to lock length after dragged to desirable size, and then being able to manipulate second vertex of said line. There are probably a secondary or additive control that could be added to most functions implemented in this way.

It sounds like the programmers are fantastic about listening to community feedback and developing from there, so I am hopeful! There is a great interface structure already in place here and as a person who wants the maximum amount of hotkeys/control options at my fingertips, this is an area I think the developers could really open up further possibilities in the UI.

Forgiveness if I missed a topic already supporting this idea!