2 finger undo - 3 finger redo -

Is it possible to incorporate the 2 finger tap for undo and 3 finger tap for redo?

This is so intuitive because it is a standard on many design apps.

I also wanted to thank you guys for making sure an amazing software! It has helped my company significantly!

Hopefully you see this and can let me know - thanks!

Welcome to our community! You can trigger undo/redo with a three-finger swipe to the left (undo) or to the right (redo).
It’s great to hear Shapr3D is helping you a ton – how did we help you and your company exactly? :blush:

Thanks for the reply, Peter!

I am aware of the swipe method - is there any chance of adding the 2 and 3 finger tap method as an option for undo/redo in settings? I know you guys have this a while ago, then switched.

Most programs I use have this method - makes for a super smooth workflow.

As for the way Shapr has impacted my company - You guys have allowed the expansion of design options and quicker prototyping methods for new product. Simple. Intuitive. Powerful. I love it!

Please let me know about the future option (or chances it will be on).

Cool, I was not aware you knew about the gesture already.
As for the 2/3-finger tap thing, based on research and our design team’s feedback, we believe that the current interaction is more intuitive than the 2/3-finger tap. Since panning with the camera is also triggered with two fingers, we believed that the current solution makes less room for mistakes.
We might get back to refining our gestures at some point, but there’s no definitive roadmap just yet.

Do you have the old code? There is no chance of adding it as an option?

I was also wondering if you guys are planning on adding any animation features in the near future?

An “exploding” animation would be awesome. You could just highlight the objects you want to expand, select the distance and duration, and boom!

Please let me know about both:

  1. The 2 touch as an optional setting.
  2. The possibility of animation in future.