Needs mirror command and extend command in 2D

Hello Im not sure who to send this to but Shapr needs a few basic commands in 2D

Yes there is always a work around but providing 2D sketch tools are critical for fast design workflow

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Mirror already works in 2D.

What do you mean by “extend” command?

Thank you,
It isnt obvious as there isnt a mirror tool in sketch mode. Could be easier.
Will try again. Extend. Means when you draw a line, it would be nice to extend the line or make the line longer as opposed to add anouther line to an existing line. Auto cad lt and most 2d tools have an extend command as standard. I am very surprised that you do not even know what extend means. Standard stuff

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You CAN extend lines rather than add to existing lines.

There are several options to do this…

Click on the line so the dimension box pops up and simply type in the new dimension.

You’ll notice that the line will extend in the direction it was drawn.

If you wish the line to extend the other way then simply lock the end you wish to constrain and it will force the line to extend in the opposite direction.

Select the node at the end to the line and simply drag the end of the line wherever you want to place it.

@Istvan_CEO_Shapr3D, it’s a shame a dimension box doesn’t pop up at this stage :wink:

It would be great if a user cou simply click the end of the line they wish to extend and then be presented with the option to either type in a new overall dimension or type in a value that they wish to extend the line by. This would save the step of locking an end point to force the line to extend in the opposite direction and make it more intuitive

Ok. Will give it a go. Thanks for the support

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You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

I just added the video too which I forgot to add to my last response.

I guess it’s about simple trimming and rounding of elements.
I also miss these functions a lot, every other CAD I know has such functions.

See video:

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As I work with your program I am discovering a few things that are needed in addition to previous notes:

1 button to turn visibility of constraints on/off
2 button to turn visible dimensions on/off
3 button to turn grid on/off
4 method of permanently moving (lock) a rotational point to any point on a body. If you create an assy you can move the rotational point but you can only do this once see Ironcad for reference
5 fillet in 2D. ’
6 polar array
7 group objects instead of folders (as a designer one thinks in terms of folders, folders are for offices, you group objects or assemble them) i mentioned this already
Sometimes you dont want everything in a folder when you want to isolate an iteration but not all the others. Grouping works better
8 should be able to move orientation rotation point to any place in the workspace . The existing rotation point is restricted to the origin
9 should be able to twist orientation with two fingers

Scott Degelman