Select all as default in rename

Requesting that Select All be the default initial setting when renaming.

The problem that this feature will solve:

It will save a lot of time when re-naming lots of files.

Brief description of the outcomes that you expect from this feature:

I’m currently proofing and labeling everything within a 1,700+ assembly before sending to beta testers. Having to do every part one by one is tedious to begin with. Having to manually pick to select all to rename just adds in time per part. Having it be the default would streamline renaming since I doubt many people will keep track of Body 4388 (3)*2 (4) vs Body 4388 (3)*2 (6). Since you want to rename something to begin with the assumption would be renaming all of it. Renaming part can be selective as it is currently.

What can’t you achieve without this feature?

Nothing, it would just speed things up for lots of assemblies.


second this :slight_smile: I would say it’s standard in other applications?