Selecting with window selection

I imported a large assembly into shapr3d and needed to rotate everything so I window selected everything and the rotate option came up and inputted 90 deg. but it keeps failing but if I select everything in the folder pull out it will rotate fine (error says failed it would not create a valid body) and it does the same for trying to create a drawing.


Hi @danno11,

How big is the assembly (I mean physical size and number of parts)? What format did you import?

It has roughly about 100 items in it and it was imported as a step file.

Are you sure that you are selecting entire bodies with the window selection? By default it is selecting faces and edges, so if the window is not “big enough”, it could be that only some parts of your bodies get selected. You can switch the filter with the Tab button if you are using a keyboard, or with the buttons on the side while you are dragging the window.

I am window dragging from right to left to pick everything and the same error comes up is there a way to quickly select the parts in the folder pull out window. I did get the parts to rotate I just thought you might want to know in case this is a bug.

We will look into this, thanks. If you could share a screen recording of the issue that would help us a lot with reproducing the bug.

keeps failing but if I select everything in the folder