Export Name Match

Would be lovely when exporting a body, say for 3d printing, if it would automatically name the part to match what’s in the items list (still editable).

Since these parts have to be isolated to be exported independently of the assembly as is. Currently have to rename in the items list but export matches file name so have to rename again in export menu. Not terrible when printing a few items, but when exporting dozens if not hundreds of bodies it can be very tedious.


Indeed! Great idea.

Totally agree. For my use, having many projects at one time, I tend to append the project name with the named body I intend to export. I use camelCase to name exported files. If the Project name is GoCart, I’ll export a file such as “GoCartWheelLeft” or GoCartChassis, etc.

Another option is to have Shapr3D append the Project name with the body name.

I do slightly similar, but within folders for projects during the export process. So I’ll have the folder and sub folders for specific assemblies just like in shapr but save as just the part names. And I’ll normally do batches based on those sub assemblies/colors.

That’s what made me think of this while I exported and had to rename 25+ bodies just this evening to print over the next 2 days haha. Would be easier if I can just hit export, then pick the folder and hit save if the name matches the part name in the items list.

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What if there are multiple bodies in an export? I guess it would have to default back to just the project name.

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Good question, however I believe the implied export topic was with STL files for 3D printing. If one wanted to export multiple bodies then I could assume the exported file name would be ProjectFirstBody.

To me this is no different than saving slicer or gcode files that contain multiple STL objects where the default name would contain one of the STL file names.

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Yes as Mike mentioned if you’re exporting for 3d printing, either STL or 3MF it will go based off one of the selected bodies (typically first selected), and you can still re-name it in the box just like the current setup.

I’ve encountered plenty of STLs for 3D printing that had multiple bodies in them. For example, people will include a layout of small parts that are meant to be printed with that layout.

Those are typically done in the slicer program to optimize bed space on the printer, ensure proper orientation and to batch print as many objects at once and then saved as a single file to have users who don’t have modeling experience or even programs to print things out. You’re describing an end result, we’re discussing how to get there and make it easier to do so.

Indeed typically done in the slicer however I’ve done what @TheBum is talking about. I purposely exported two different bodies with a pre-determined spacing as one export. The reason was, I used the 2nd body as a bridge to minimize supports on the first body.

Yes i have also done that as well when using modeled supports vs a slicers generated supports. Multiple bodies, one file. But I don’t know anyone who will select all the parts from a file and save it as one and then sort it out in the slicer later like a complete psychopath haha

Sidenote: I was watching a livestream of a YouTuber working on a new printer and he was in shapr and exported the entire printer model vs the part he wanted to print. Took approximately 20min to get to the save window and he thought it crashed is Mac.

Still doesn’t really change the naming feature we’re discussing as I’ve said it will still pop up with the ability to edit, just starts with a part instead of the base file haha