Select Faces in a folder / layer or group sketches on same plane?

Having trouble with selecting parts of my model, it takes loads of clicks.

  • Is there a way to select the faces ( not the outlines ) in a folder / group.
  • Is there a way to group sketches on the same plane, so you can easily select a group of lines on a sketch plane.

In the model I have to click on each face 24 times and then the inner 24 times and then the core 1, that is 50 clicks, i just want to select all the faces in the sketch plane to extrude them.

PS: I tried removing some of the lines but they would not delete, after I did this I also needed to merge all the extrusions.

Hi, currently it’s not possible to manually sort sketches.

I will suggest you click on the automatically sorted sketch folder - this should select most of the sketches and you can then simply tap on the few sketches you do not want selected to deselect them, against having to tap on all sketches to select them individually.